A Heart Warming Experience


My fellow Singapore Methodist pastor has recently shared something in view of the famous “heart warming experience of John Wesley” that resonates with what I would like to see happening in the midst of our worship in International Christian Fellowship, Ho Chi Minh City.

This is an extract of what he has shared recently:

Often when we read about or hear of a Christian having a “heart-warming” experience, we tend to associate such experience to a dramatic event, probably at an evangelistic meeting or a special gathering of Christians. It usually features a rousing preacher, a well-practised band, and a gifted song-leader.

But Wesley’s heart-warming experience did not come out of a rally or stirring revival meeting. He did not get excited listening to a moving message from an inspiring speaker. All he did was to listen to a reading of Martin Luther’s Preface to Romans. How exciting can that be, listening to someone reading a preface to a book of the Bible?

Yet he felt his heart-strangely warmed by the presence of God. That night at a house meeting at Aldersgate helped to bring about a spiritual awakening for John Wesley who would be greatly used by God to contribute to the spread of Christianity throughout UK and across the Atlantic.

You do not have to sign up for a rally featuring some speakers with (foreign) names, or any speaker who has the gift of oratorical skill, to have a spiritual jab. Anyone with an expectant spirit and who is always attuned to listening to God, can hear Him and get a life-transforming touch from God even from listening to a casual reading of a Preface to a book.

by Rev Dr Daniel Koh (May 2017)

Let me seize this opportunity to challenge all disciples of Christ to focus on God Himself whenever we come to worship Him in His House every Sunday. It is all about Jesus, if you should focus on any thing apart of God Himself then you are already not coming with the right posture of heart.

Let us worship our God and Him alone and when He is pleased with us, there will be revival and renewal that will impact our lives in this land. God alone will make the difference in our church. Nothing else can compare.



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