Are we rejecting or embracing the Lord Jesus as our Saviour and King?


As we enter into the Kingdomtide Season, we continue to journey with the Gospel of Luke sermon series. These past weeks we were looking into Jesus’ last phase of His earthly ministries. Whilst the crowd began with welcoming Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah or the Anointed One as He entered Jerusalem but the Religious Leaders were outrightly rejecting His Messianic identity and authority. Instead of rejoicing that they have a Deliverer in their midst albeit all the signs and wonders that were demonstrated by Jesus, they were blinded by their own inability of true spiritual discernment and jealousy that they were plotting to kill Jesus of Nazareth at the right time. The King of Kings was rejected by His own people. How about us? Are we rejecting or embracing the Lord Jesus as our Saviour and King?

In the past weeks we are also blessed with visitors from all parts of the world. Indeed the Family of God is worldwide and although we may be from different parts of the world we are able to come together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ our King, united in our love for Him.

Visitors from the Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore and the USA.




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