Celebrating Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday


Last weekend was a fantastic weekend. At ICF we remembered Christ’s sufferings and death on the Cross for us on Good Friday evening and then celebrated Resurrection Sunday with a loud proclamation that we are so loved by our Maker. What’s so special about the Cross in Christianity? That Cross spells the greatest love and conquest for us who believe in Jesus Christ. The Son of God laid down His life on the Cross but three days later our Saviour rose from the dead! His resurrection defeated our greatest enemy – death. He also dealt with Satan and his demons. What a glorious day!

Hallelujah, Christ is risen!

Some visitors from Singapore flew in to celebrate with us.





Our young adults and friends celebrating Easter-Birthday party and enjoying themselves.



If you are looking for an Inter-denominational and English-Speaking church please visit us and worship with us on Sunday at 10.30 am for our Worship Service.