Celebrating Mother’s Day


On Sunday 13th May ICF celebrates Mother’s Day and our beloved lovely ladies from the Ladies Bible Study group will be leading us in our Sunday Worship (10:30 AM) and we have mothers giving their tributes to our Heavenly Father, our God.

We praise and thank God as we remember our very own beloved mother/ grandmother who is living or has gone home to be with the Lord. We remember their sacrificial love and care for us. However, some of you may not be seemingly fortunate to have a caring mother but an abusive one, a pushy one or a tigress. Whoever she may be to you, it is important in Christ’s teaching that you forgive her and release your love for her. It is on this special day that it is special because you too have done something special for your mother, you will to love her anyway. For those who missed their late mother, won’t you embrace our Heavenly Father’s steadfast love and amazing grace to help you move on in life. As for the ladies who desire children in their lives, may the Lord answer your faithful prayers and may you be fruitful in many ways.

Psalm 27: 7-8;10, NCV
7 Lord, hear me when I call;
have mercy and answer me.
8 My heart said of you, “Go, worship him.”
So I come to worship you, Lord.
10 If my father and mother leave me,
the Lord will take me in.

Isaiah 66:13, NCV
“I will comfort you
as a mother comforts her child.
You will be comforted in Jerusalem.”

Together with all mothers, especially those in ICF, let us worship the Lord our God for He is worthy to be praised!

If you are looking for an English Speaking, Inter-denominational Church for worship and fellowship in Ho Chi Minh City. We welcome you to join us in our Sunday Service