Continue to be Thankful for Fellowship


We praise and bless our God. We continue to be thankful to our God that we are able to worship in our International Christian Fellowship. There is a time to welcome and there is a time to say goodbye yet we are always thankful for the time and fellowship we can share together as a Family of God.

Recently we received our first Columbian visitor, first Romanian visitor and our second Russian visitor. Odisco from Nigeria is our most regular usher on duty almost every Sunday Service. We witnessed a miracle of a couple who will soon have their second child. We bade farewell to our Australian family who first came to us as a couple who requested to be engaged and married by ICF Pastor. Today we also bade farewell to our first Haitian member.

If you are looking for an English Speaking, Inter-denominational Church for worship and fellowship in Ho Chi Minh City. We welcome you to join us in our Sunday Service

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