Do We Love What God Loves?


Do We Love What God Loves? (The Jonah Series)

Jonah was called of God to go to the great city of Nineveh to deliver a simple message: Repent or you will die in 40 days! Jonah refused and ran away from God. He hated the people of Nineveh and he didn’t want his enemies to repent and be forgiven. He ran away from God in the opposite direction, and there begins the true story of Jonah and the great big fish.

The 4-week series sermon tells of Jonah’s calling, disobedience and repentance. It tells of God’s passionate pursuit, how He wants us to run to Him rather than away from Him, and He is the always-present hope for restoration. God called Jonah to be His messenger, to seek and bring God’s mercy and judgment to the wicked, the unrighteous and the lost.

The question is: Do we love what God loves?

Every disciple of Christ is called to bear God’s message, to seek and witness to the lost, to go to the wicked, the unrighteous and the lost… Are you running with God to bring the message of love? Or are you running ahead of God in making uncalled judgement? Perhaps we find ourselves in a similar situation like Jonah of Old where we are running away from God. And so, are you a Jonah of the Modern Times?

We welcome all Foreign Residents and Friends, who are looking for an English Speaking Interdenominational Church in Ho Chi Minh City to worship. Come and join us on the second Sunday of July 2017 as we embark on the new mini series on Jonah:

Jonah 1 – Running Away From God
Jonah 2 – Running Back To God
Jonah 3 – Running With God
Jonah 4 – Running Ahead of God

Let’s us be a House of Blessings to all nations in this city.

Peace and Grace

Pastor Leslie