Good Friday Tenebrae service – 8 Stations of the Cross


We had our Good Friday Tenebrae (Tenebrae is Latin for “shadows” or “darkness”) worship service. It was a series of Scripture readings, meditations and prayers done in stages while the candles were gradually extinguished to symbolise the gradual darkness of Jesus’ death and a world without true hope.

We meditated on the 8 Stations of the Cross using basically a service written by an American theologian Dennis Bratcher. We ended the service with a loud noise (“strepitus”) symbolized the closing of Jesus’ tomb and we slowly and quietly departed the Sanctuary.

Our Lord bore the curse of sin so that we may put on the garment of righteousness,
Our Lord the Son of God died in our stead so that we may be redeemed to become sons and daughters of God.
O death has lost its sting!
We shall not be condemned but forgiven and pardoned when we believe and put our trust in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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