ICF 7th Anniversary


Today we celebrated ICF 7th Anniversary. We held a Thanksgiving Service and Celebration where our Singapore Methodist Bishop Dr Chong and MMS Executive Director Rev Philip Lim brought their congratulatory greetings. We are also thankful for the presence of the representatives of the ECV and HTTL Hoa Hung. They are our host who provides guidance and assistance to help us establish so that we can have our vibrant worship service in this wonderful city. We pray we may have many more good and fruitful years in this city.

We are reminded of ICF calling – to be a house of blessings to all nations by building strong biblical disciples and reaching out in Christian love and deeds. As a House of Blessings we are aware that we are also an Oasis that seek to better the lives of the needy residents in this city. Why? Because we want to heed to the call of the Prophet Jeremiah (29:7)
“Work for the well-being of the city where I have sent you to and pray to the Lord for this. For if it is well with the city you live in, it will be well with you.” (NLT)

A very big THANK YOU to all who came to worship the Lord and celebrate with us this morning. We are grateful to the Lord’s faithfulness and truly the Lord our God is great.

Anniversary Cake – Mrs Ira Bush
Cake – Ms Cathy Tam
Bouquets – Mrs Tranquilina Ng

We are an English Speaking Interdenominational Church in HCMC. We welcome all foreign residents and friends to our Worship Service.


ICF2017 7thAnni_2356

The worshipers who came to celebrate our birthday.


ICF Core leaders, interim MMS representative in Vietnam, Cell leaders with Methodist Bishop of Singapore & MMS Executive Director.


Singapore Methodist Bishop, MMS Executive Director with ICF Leaders and representatives of ECV and HTTL Hoa Hung.