ICF Zoom Home Service at 10:30 AM


We are all going online tomorrow – ICF Zoom Home Service at 10:30 AM (note: there is a change of time during this pandemic period) – and will continue to do so until further notice. Please personally request to receive the Zoom link from the Pastor’s office or any of the ICF leaders.

When we worship together at home wherever we are do please develop a sense of reverential respect for God and have a heart that is prepared to worship our God in Spirit and in truth.

Please make sure you do not compromise this time of worship like taking the same time to brush your teeth or iron your clothes while we are participating via Zoom. Instead let us wholly give our time to worship the Lord who is worthy of our devotional time on His day.

Thank you.

God bless you and protect you during this extraordinary time.

A House of Blessings to All Nations

Rev Leslie Lim