Novel Coronavirus Advisory


Dear ICF Family,

In light of the developing situation involving the novel coronavirus, please be advised of the following precautions that we will be implementing with immediate effect:

Stay home if you are unwell with fever of more than 37.5°C, cough, runny nose

Keep your child at home if he/she is unwell

Practise good personal hygiene:
Wash your hands with soap,
use hand sanitisers,
cover your mouth with a tissue paper when
you cough or sneeze and discard it in a bin immediately,
wear a mask if you have cough or runny nose.

Members who have been in contact from those who visited or just returned from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and/or Macau or themselves been to these stated countries to wait 14 days before coming to church, starting from the first day after return.

Let’s also continue to keep this situation in prayer, our nation leadership for wisdom to overcome this virus crisis, and those who are affected by the virus (both locally and overseas) and our healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. ) who are battling the virus on the frontlines!

Thanks for taking these wise counsels and may the Lord grant us His mercies that we may overcome this crisis.

A House of Blessings to all Nations

Rev Leslie Lim
ICF Pastor