Our Ministries


ICF is blessed with Several Ministries that form the backbone of our Church. We invite all members to play an active part in "owning" the church and to be a blessing to all others.
All who serve are volunteers who help out despite their full time jobs.


Children Ministry

We have 3 Levels of Sunday School that run weekly:

  • Toddlers Group (Aged: 2 to 6)
  • Children Group (Aged: 7 to 11)
  • Teenagers Group (Aged 12 to 16)

Worship Ministry

Our Worship Ministry ensures that weekly, God's people are inspired by His music and ready for the Word.

AV Ministry

AV Ministry

The AV Ministry ensures the church's Audio and Visual systems are working perfectly every week.

Lay Ministry

Despite being in the background, this very important ministry ensures that all who come to our church are properly ushered and welcomed. They also manage the weekly F&B, Library and Outreach and Social Concerns.