Happy 9 Birthday ICF !!


Pentecost is the Christian festival when we celebrate the outpouring of the promise of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way upon the Church. This year 9th June is the Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday is also the time we commemorate the day the first church was birthed more than two thousand years ago. ICF seized the golden opportunity to celebrate her 9th Anniversary on this significant day.

We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to endue us with His Holy Spirit. He will set our church ablaze so that ICF will be like the Oasis for the those wandering in the wilderness. An Oasis of Fruitful Trees and full of Living waters for this wonderful city. ICF will be like the Redeemed Body of Christ to the broken world. ICF will be the Loving Family that helps her members to love God, one another and to be loved. Family means nobody is left behind. May God bless ICF to be a House of Blessings to all nations.

We thank God for everyone who gave their loving service and caring support to make our celebration a pleasant and enjoyable event. Thanks to the Hoa Hung Evangelical Church, Deaconess Mai and Peter Cadelena for their floral gifts and all our brothers and sisters from far and near who sent their congratulatory greetings to us.

Let us proclaim:
What A Faithful God We Have!

If you are looking for an English Speaking, Inter-denominational Church for worship and fellowship in Ho Chi Minh City. We welcome you to join us in our Sunday Service


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