Praying For Ho Chi Minh City


May I call on all the pastors of their respective international / foreign Christian communities/ churches to rally their members to stay united and rise up to pray for Ho Chi Minh City. Let us come together, wherever you are, to intercede for this beautiful city and nation against this Covid-19 crisis. We pray for all to be healthy and strong and have strong body immunity, we pray that the hospital and health care system can take care of the patients properly and we also pray for the protection and safety of the quarantine centres so that the people who are under quarantine will be kept safe and stay well among themselves.

Let us every morning at 8 am and every evening 8 pm (until 2 Aug 2021) to say a prayer for the lockdown HCMC and against the spread of Covid-19 in this city. The Lord will hear our prayers and He will sustain and see us through this testing period.

The Lord bless you and keep you