Stay Well And Stay Safe


We may have felt discouraged and somehow concerned on hearing about the Covid-19 situation in this country. The schools are closed earlier before the Lunar New Year Festive season to slow down the social interactions of many people for good reasons. There may big events that are put on hold but the gathering of churches can still be on until further notice pending on the situation. I thank God the government here is able to manage the situation well. We continue to uphold the national leaders, the healthcare front liners and police for their prompt decisions and actions to keep this country safe.

We are still good to have our church gathering this Sunday we have not received any prohibition of gathering in church by the Religious and Health Departments.

Stay tune and keep praying for the Covid-19 situation for this country and globally too. Pray that all will stay well and keep safe and we can continue on with our daily living without any interruption or lockdown.

ICF will be having our monthly Holy Communion and may we come before the Lord’s Table as a Family to celebrate the greatness and goodness of our God and to proclaim the Lord Jesus’ death, resurrection and His coming back again.

P/s For those who have travelled north it is advisable you stay isolated voluntarily for at least two weeks to ensure the well being of those around you.